Versatile Sportsbook


Metric’s mobile-first SuperLive® sportsbook platform offers the most modern betting platform available on the market, developed by industry veterans with decades of expertise creating fast, secure and future-safe gambling technology.

In addition to offering best-of-breed traditional wagering content, the SuperLive® platform enables true play-by-play betting opportunities to seamlessly marry sports wagering with an instant gratification, slot-machine style gaming experience. To offer these markets effectively requires not only modern technology, but a high degree of experience and sophistication in managing these markets in real time. Metric employs both experienced quantitative analysts as well as in-game trading specialists to ensure that Metric delivers on all fronts.

On top of its technology and real-time trading expertise, Metric prides itself on re-thinking the sports wagering market as a whole. Metric is constantly developing proprietary sports wagering products designed to appeal to both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike, broadening partners’ customer demographics and keeping users perpetually engaged.

Metric also believes the future of sports betting lies in optimized individualization – a solution powered by the company’s proprietary Personalization Engine. This powerful tool eliminates the need for superfluous sportsbook content (thereby optimizing the mobile experience), because customers are shown only what they want to see.

In parallel, Metric’s modern, mobile-first technology enables the seamless mobilization of traditionally desktop-only sportsbook amenities, such as live match visualization, that are proven to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

In short, Metric Gaming’s philosophy centers on three core principles:

Mobile-first technology

Mobile-first technology, delivering a fast, fluid, on-the-go experience with zero dependence on desktop technology that could hinder mobile development.

Real-time, play-by-play markets

The natural evolution of in-game betting (which has taken the industry by storm, today generating up to 80% of sports betting turnover).


Rethinking the approach to sports wagering both in presentation and content, enabling partners to acquire and retain previously untapped consumer demographics and engage existing customers longer.