Metric entered the market with SuperLive® propositions providing never-before-seen wagering opportunities, including penalty kicks, field goal attempts, free throws and golf putts – markets that no other company had been able to offer.

Since then, Metric has expanded its portfolio of first-to-market betting products to include its patent-pending SneakPeek™, BetTheBoard™, Three Strikes You’re Out™ and Maze Betting™ concepts, with more developments continually in the pipeline.

Metric's highly experienced team of betting experts, quant analysts, computer programmers and business executives has created a B2B company capable of providing a full host of sports betting software, services and innovation. Additional information regarding some of Metric’s patent-pending portfolio products is provided below.

Sneak Peek™ - Leverage Product with Cash-Out

Sneak Peek lets you watch part of a match unfold before deciding whether to bet it – at the same price that was available before the match started.

For a small up-front fee, Sneak Peek (patent pending) allows bettors to lock in a price and stake without having to actually place the wager (if at all) until a portion of the match has already been played, thus providing a valuable “sneak peek.” Players will even have the option to cash out their Sneak Peek without ever placing a bet – substantially increasing player turnover, engagement and retention.

Innovation – Three Strikes You’re Out™

Three Strikes You’re Out (patent pending) is an adrenaline-rush tournament-style product where bettors select the next event to occur in real time, and are allowed two wrong guesses before being eliminated. Winnings are paid out to the participants who survive the longest, with new contests starting up every few seconds throughout a match.

Innovation – Bet the Board™

Bet the Board (patent pending) is Metric’s innovative leverage product that lets players bet more than their bankrolls while at the same time minimizing risk. Punters simply select the matches they want to wager (minimum of 10) and designate their risk limit. Based on these two inputs, Bet the Board calculates a wager stake that enables players to bet significantly more than their risk limits but still keep all winnings, while losses are nevertheless capped at the risk limit.

The result is a low-risk, high-reward proposition that maximizes entertainment value for the player while actually enhancing turnover and house margins.

Innovation – Maze Betting™

Find Your Way Out for a Massive Payout!™ Maze Betting (patent pending) lets punters predict the exact sequence of a sporting event (e.g., the precise scoring progression of a tennis game), with large payouts based on the likelihood of the sequence predicted. Predictions are made by charting a course through a maze-like user interface, with the correct path illuminating in real time as the game unfolds. This product will work both as a fixed odds staple, as well as a networked jackpot-style tournament.