Developed by industry veterans with decades of expertise creating fast, secure and future-safe gambling technology, the high throughput system is capable of handling over 2,000 wagers per second and achieves an uptime KPI of at least 99.8%.

Solve Regulatory Divergence

Governments and regulators across the world have introduced, or signalled their intention to introduce, gambling legislation to protect players and generate revenue.

Consequently, solutions that are suitable for one jurisdiction are unworkable in another, with examples of jurisdiction-specific supplier agreements now commonplace across the industry.

Metric’s Modulus platform is built to seamlessly accommodate usually discordant regulatory requirements across multiple jurisdictions, facilitating a cost effective and quick route to market without compromising on product quality.

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Empower Multi-Channel Strategies

The Modulus platform’s multi-jurisdictional capabilities can be leveraged to support dynamic multi-channel and multi-brand capabilities.

Utilising adaptive user interface technology and Metric’s unique ability to fully customise a product, operators can easily tailor their product offerings to fully exploit a multi-channel or multi-brand strategy across different jurisdictions.

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